Do you want to reach more people with your videos on social media?

Statistics show that 80-85% of the world's population watch Facebook videos without sound, either because they are in public transport, at work or other places where it is not appropriate to have the sound turned on. All the videos that are shown daily without sound are completely incomprehensible to the viewer. Therefore, by having subtitles on your videos, you will reach far more people and potential customers with your message. Subtitles have also been shown to increase viewer number in general as well as how much of the video is viewed before scrolling further. 

Example of a video with subtitles.

Increase viewer engagement by 15%

Studies have shown that subtitles in themselves increase the engagement of the viewer by 15%, as more brain centers are activated. In addition, your video will appear more professional while increasing the production value of your video.   

Subtitles Contributes to social inclusion

Subtitles can help people who are deaf or hearing impaired to understand the content of the video. 500 million people worldwide are plagued by hearing loss or deafness. Worldwide, there are 70-80,000 who use hearing aids, but approx. 15,000 are added per year because this solution is becoming more and more known. Therefore, subtitles on videos are a good idea both for you but also for this relatively large part of your potential audience. Subtitles can also help foreigners understand more of the video while strengthening their language skills.

If you want to increase your audience, you can also consider more languages in your subtitles and thereby reach a wider audience. 

Another example of a video with subtitles.

Another example of a video with subtitles. This time in orange to enhance brand value.

We follow FBO's guidelines for subtitling in Denmark

We follow the existing, established practice in the subtitling industry in Denmark, which is the standard actors have agreed on, and which has been prepared by the Forum for Picture Media Translators (FBO) and the Danish Journalists' Association in collaboration with the Danish Language Board. We therefore guarantee a subtitle of your videos with high professionalism in accordance with these guidelines.

Subtitling is a highly specialized and time consuming job and it is estimated that 20 minutes of video material takes 1 to 1½ working day to subtitle.    


  • Per minute to be subtitled 25,28 USD
  • Per minute to be subtitled (+10 min) 22,45 USD

    Discount if subtitles of more than 10 minutes of video material are required.

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